Q:  What is the warranty on your light?
KAWELL offers 90 days warranty for full refund or replacement.


Q:  How long is the wire on the light?

A:  It depends on each model. It is about 14 inches long for most LED work lights and shorter for light bar.


Q:  How to control light on and off?

A:  You need a wiring harness and switcher for you to control the lights connected.


Q:  I don’t know which wiring to order for my lights.

A:  The watt of lights connected must be lower than the watt the wiring supports. And 2 legs wiring connects two lights, 1 leg wiring connects just one light. Double color lights need specific wiring.


Q:  How can I get the dimension of each lights?

A:  The dimensions of each lights are in its description.


Q:  I’m interested in your LED headlights. What model will fit my vehicle?

A:  Please take some pictures of your vehicles and marked the point you want to install lights. And contact us via ContactOne of our representatives will assist you with it.


Q:  I’m interested in becoming one of KAWELL authorized dealer, what is the process?

A:  Thanks for your interests in our products. KAWELL provides authorizing brands and customization service. You can not only apply to be a reseller of KAWELL, but also can ask for OEM service as you required. We love all our dealers and we’d like

to provide all the technical supports to our customers. Please Contact  us and we will be glad to receive your application.


Q:  My headlight has developed moisture inside the outer lens. Why is this and would this be covered under warranty?

A:  The moisture that you’re seeing could be the result of either condensation or water ingress. What are the differences? Here’s a helpful chart that helps to explain them:

Q:  How many degrees for spot and flood beam?

A:  For most models, spot lights are 30 degree and flood light are 60 degree.


Q:  Light works, but a row of led cannot work (or part lights of led are dim).

A:  It caused by lack of power on your battery. Please power full your battery and try it again.


Q:  Can I connect the lights with battery directly?

A:  Yes, you can if just try the lights. But for long time use, please purchase the wiring harness and switcher and connects for it will be much convenient for you to control the lights.


Q:  What is the difference between yellow lights and white lights?

A:  White lights is for day and night use. Yellow lights are mainly used in foggy days for yellow lights own more penetration on fog than white lights.


Q:  I saw some models on your site but didn’t find them on your online store.

A:  We just list part of our models in our stores according to most customers’ preferences. If you want to order the model which not listed in our store, please Contact us.